a birthday crash


It happens so fast, you hardly can explain, the lights begin to flash and then comes to pain

the pain that you feel is nothing to the pain that remains, your mothers heart aches when she receives the call, your fathers temper shoots straight up the wall

even if not at fault, you're in the wrong, your family worries, your friends run and hide.

you are alone in this moment watching the cars collide, it was a simple left, the light was green the arrow for us to go

it was a clear night, a winters eve and home was our destination, tell me how you thought it was right to plow through that light

you saw us there and yet you drove, faster and faster like a race of disaster, did you even feel sorry as the metal crushed the metal?

people gathered, sobbing was heard, a boy pulled himself out of the car

he moved to the side, bleeding and hurt, people only seeing him as he moved to the other door

the metal was pushed in, and and he pulled it back

in a second there was a snap, a crack and his fingers broke

he hurt himself as you sat and watched saying it was your fault

the girl in the passenger seat is barely awake, she doesn't know what happened

doesn't realize her mistake, her head is throbbing and everything is doubled

her heart is racing and soon the pain pours in, from the left side of her neck down the right side of her back

people crowd and shes forgotten whats happened, the police take her statement and its very very wrong

she was not driving

she was not at fault

you should have been paying attention, you should've tried to help

not a scratch on you, not a bit of pain

but there you stand, doing nothing, helping no one just the same

tell me how you are right in this situation, how do you sleep at night

my sister cannot sleep, she curls in a balls and hopes the pain will subside

you should've watched the road, you should'nt have taken the risk

you're lucky no one died, that no one will have to be missed

but the pain that forever will effect a family, a child, a single human is unrepayable

how dare you think that because you've done wrong money can make it better

watch the road, watch the signs, follow the lights accordingly

driving isn't that difficult, your text message, your phone call, your music can wait

don't be the reason someones body aches forever, that they never know comfort again

don't be that person going home with guilt piling on your head

pay attention to the road, listen to what i say

because while you survived that accident, had it been another day

you could be in that position with the metal crushing around you, the bruising on your face, the neck brace, the medication. YOU could be the one who is turmoiled and miserable or maybe

just maybe you'd get into an accident where you felt nothing at all

not like this one, no, much worse

how would you feel for your family to receive a call, to rush to a hospital but to be unable to do anything at all

you could die in a minute for a text you need this second, your message can wait

your call can wait

do you hear me or is everything too hard to swallow so it sits up in your mouth as your teeth grind the guilt into bite size pieces that you think will digest

how can you digest an acid that can crush metal, that can tear families apart that can cause someone to forever live as a vegetable, or forever feel pain, or worse to feel nothing at all and be condemned to a dark hole somewhere.

tell me you are sorry, tell her, tell him. show us that you've learned that you know you are wrong.

afterall, it was a birthday crash that YOU caused.

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