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no matter this dawg gone pup took numerous one after another cat nap his utterly fatigued body electric still ragged as if he went without sleep for a lifetime, ensnared within a time warp,
Skin on skin As the morning comes We were out too late We don’t mind Being tired the next day   Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone We are no longer alone   Flesh on flesh
"I am lost, Here alone As though the frost Has reached my bones I am tossed  Onto the stone As my smile is a clone Tears run free, you should have known all that's left is skin and bone."
No such thing as flawless, perfect, peerless; Only fallen varmints grubbing helpless, Guided by old books to find redemption And some vindication from above.   Perfect spirits all alike and charming,
You added the last bone to complete your skeleton of me
These cold hands are stuggling  Can't get warm if anything I try and try again Only to get colder than The heart of this dead body walking I can't resist the coughing
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