dog tired this day - march 29th, 2018

no matter this dawg gone pup

took numerous one after another cat nap

his utterly fatigued

body electric still ragged

as if he went without sleep for a lifetime,

ensnared within a time warp,

espied that aggravating "aw SNAP"

(error code instead of a webpage

     indicating Chrome happens to be 

     experiencing problems loading)

or, simultaneously

caught in a narcoleptic parent trap

thus, while a burst of energy

temporarily doth prevail

(a priori which extreme fatigue

of body, mind and spirit -

more troublesome, and worse than -

getting crucified

with a rusty nine inch nail

alleviated with deep sleep finds

much more tiredness

than usual quotidian sleepiness

bruiting this male)

being imprisoned (for high

gram matt tick crimes

and misdemeanors) such as: comma, splices,

dangling a modifier, splitting an infinitive,

unnecessary parenthesis (), et cetera

which landed me punctually,

proverbially, and squarely

in the slaammed shut jail

fed thin gruel with grubs that didst flail

nauseating pluperfect revulsion

each time hide exhale

which, many hours long rests did restore

for a bit of time only for totally tubular

exhaustion to come roar

ring back leaving me tour

charred as if...i fought

in every major condemned Trojan war.




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My family
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