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Sometimes I just want to wrap myself in poetry. Curl into a ball so small you hardly notice as you pass by. Curl up inside the stanzas Cozily cocooned in imagery Allow myself to be swallowed by it
Hot cocoa burned Lesson learned Rotten milk Blanket of silk Flightless birds Spoken words Chilly night Candle light Chocolate tainted A prank elated Laughter, smiles
Worn and torn, you have been through all, Happily by my side since I was small. Intricately woven and embroidered by hands that did care. To me you were the perfect gift.
  My Blanket of pessimism matches with my glass that’s half empty. I wrap myself within its patterns seeking  warmth. Suffering and pain are simultaneous.
I could never climb like you.Pray tell where you are reaching to so fervently?When, if ever, will you reach there, the place invisible to me?
The white is everywhere It covers everything Nothing is safe from the white blanket The white blanket of snow It covers everything,head to toe Cars,tress,houses, and dead flowers
This warm blanket I've been hiding under is unraveling. Each little mistake and each poor decision is tugging at the strings of my once strong fabric. The chill of winter is seeping through my quilt. I cannot hide for long.
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