alcohol drinking

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Let's have a drink You're not sleeping Come on out, let's drink Y, what you doing tonight D, it was a hard day for me, too G, come on. Forget it, Forget it all This dark night, I get an urge
We are the generation of thinkers The generation of reckless drinkers The generation in which my eyes are appalled and I have opened my mouth to exercise the right I was given This is America.  
Come ye, all young and old, To hear the story that's never told! In foregone Texas, a county dwelled- It's name: Van Zandt; and it's men rebelled. The South's creed had created their hate,
I am the whiskey in your stomach. I wait for you to invite me inside. I sit in my place and wait for you to need me. But you only come to me when you don’t want her. Or him. Or them. You come to me when you have lost something else.
Never touched a beer Never smoked a blunt Never laced on a lifestyle Never raised or loaded a gun Never snuck out the house Never found out who I truly am Maybe I'll touch a beer
One drink was all; in the beginning. Free, from a man across the bar. One kiss was all; in the beginning. Turning into an awkward morning at his place.
I feel you latch onto my fingers I feel your warmth overcome me I’m so comfortable with you Dependency begins to overcome me Seldom I feel that I can live without you Saturday nights I love you best
Crusin' in the ride late one night My eyes beheld an eerie site I saw him in the rearview, pull up tight It looks like a cop might die tonight   Ridin' dirty, hey you know me
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