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Running, running, running my mind is constantly running. With nowhere to go nowhere to see my mind is constantly running a marathon for no-one but me.
I want to exist in the real worldTo plant my rootsTo hear the life of summer dawns and dusksTo see the flowers growing through sidewalk cracksTo smell the passing waft of freshly cut grassI wish to be real
I think you can tell what a person is like by their notes. I realized this when I looked at the notes of the girl next to me, They were all organized and color-coded, so I looked back at mine,
   Snap-crackle-and-pop go the synapses in my brain.      Snap-crackle-pop           Snap-crackle... pop?   Uhmm... Jaysus, sorry. I forgot what I was saying.   It's this long term memory
“Stephanie, open the door. Please!” “Josh, shut up. You broke up with me!” Will Stephanie’s heart finally slam open the door and take her ex boyfriend back,
This thing, it bothers me shakes my entire being it is neverending poison   I have absolutely no idea how to deal with it it breathes inside of me tears away all rational thought
Why do I fear you?   You are irrelevant in the grand scheme Of things Because I know you are not an ally. You who tells me
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