Poems from AnatolaAraba

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I believe imagination is the greatest tool of humanity. By utilizing this tool, young artists such as myself will usher in more evolved ways of thinking, being, and seeing, to increase the harmony, peace, and freedom in our world. The current state of our world is as a white canvas leaning on an easel. It is empty and blank. I stand, entranced and curious, with my entire generation by my side. Together, we will mix the paint, hold the brush, and paint the next masterpiece to be featured in the gallery of Earth’s history. It is my mission to create a future for our world where our inherent oneness to all of life, whether other races, genders, cultures, or our environment, is acknowledged and celebrated. Art is my euphoria. I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. My art serves as a medium of communication. Through paint and video I convert messages of peace, freedom, oneness, spiritual concepts, and otherworldly dimensions into form. I choose to teach, heal, and inspire people through my art, and support more elevated ways of living. I am confident that my graceful and elegant brushstrokes will usher in a golden age of peace and love into this moment in history so beautiful that it will sit in the gallery of Earth’s history and be marveled at by many generations to come.
A year ago, I stood at the edge of a cliff A steep drop-off to the unknown. I did not know if I jumped off the edge I would discover I...