Zip Zap Zed

Zip Zap Zed


There’s a ghost who follows me

And whispers in my ear. I only

Hear her in the silence. And the

Things she says haunts me dearly.


I learned to live in the noise.

Hiding from the quite night. I am

Slipping under the void that kills

Where she sits and waits for me  


Going. Going. Going.

Walking fast and going and

Thinking everything and going

And volume up and going and


Zip Zap Dead

I’ll never get away.

She slinks into my soul

And scratches and


Zip Zap Zed

There is terror to be thought

And demons to let in

A death to humbly live


Lock the door and check twice.

See the key. Check the door and

Make sure no shadows follow

Too closely down the narrow hall


Hit the pavement panicking. The

Door was locked, I’m sure. The key

Is in my hands. Is she following

Me again? Think about the lock.


Lock Lock Dead

Locked in time with her

And the silence takes over

Without my permission


Lock Lock Zed

Sleeping nightmares singing

And filling that scary solitude

 It’s screaming in my mind


Every moment; everyday she

Calls me through the soundless

Poison. It’s the unfortunate life

Of the Anxious Paranoid Insomniac.






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