Sat, 02/08/2020 - 19:53 -- airjazz


We the capital, spell it in letters with all caps

Not a felon and making treasure in our crap,

Harder melanin skin our texture is hard glass,

Watermelonin' your head combatants with artifacts 

Grab an adze tell us, "Hello leader! I'd love to cut up a yellow cedar

from a fellow teacher some mellow mister!" 

or look in our museum, and you see 'em

Pointed at those library walls: Oh boy, ovoids primary art

Unheard of we're quite scary y'all those colored lovebird binary stars

Undercover espionage observe our work like a messy collage 

Expect to be obliged! Let's begin the march!

Ready or not, watch our desert mirage yo!

Welcome To The 'Zibit! Welcome To The 'Zibit! 

Got Killer Whale, Eagle Bear, Raven Frog Go Ribbit! 

Welcome To The 'Zibit! Welcome To The 'Zibit! 

At First You Buy A Ticket, And Then You Gonna Live It! 

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