Your Spirit Lives in a Red Room


Your spirit lives in a red room.

And I am the host of a ghost.

The doom that looms

Making its house a tomb


Your spirit runs through my veins

Feeds into my brain

Plays the regret, the shame

Outcomes that should’ve came

It creeps out of my wrist, so tame


Your spirit is the water in me

Slowly dripping down my cheek

Beading onto palms that could be

Making I’s and me’s into we’s

Sulk to my knees to plea a please


I can feel our spirits begin to part

Your spirit’s home is in my heart

You know it belongs there

Safe, warm, kept with care


I know, my everlasting guest,

Believe, I know what’s best

Let our spirits combine

Let our hands intertwine

Let yourself be mine

And let this time

Forever chime.


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