Your Braces Are

Your braces are like magnets that attract my love.They are the first thing I notice and the last thing I say goodbye to.Your braces are like you.You stabilize people.You keep them from becoming out of hand.Your braces exemptilfy balance,the balance you have brought to many.Your braces are beautiful,They are divine,They are magic.I wish I could have braces,I have wished for a long time,emotional braces.Your braces are a metaphor,a metaphor for you.I did need braces.I got them,and may i say they look good on me?Next time you cease to smile because your braces aren't "goals" remember.Your Braces Are.

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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Very powerful work! I am fond of the prose style poems. Very expressive of your personal situation and experience. Well done. Please keep writing keep sharing! 

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