In Your Arms

Your fingers slowly push on my shoulder,

And lower back,

Quietly pulling me closer to you.

Until our hearts are pressed together,

Beating as one.

In your arms,

I feel protected.


Your lips slowly press on my forehead

Fingers tiptoeing through my hair

Speaking love through your touch

Until I understand

In your arms

I am safe from myself.


Yes I am protected from the monsters in the shadows

From my imaginary demons

But I know how to hold a sword

I do not need protection from that.


I need protection from the thoughts swirling through my head at 2 AM

Wild and free 

Unafraid of me

But afraid of love

And so you are my greatest weapon

Because in your arms

I feel loved

And safe

And protected

So please always hug me

Pull me close to you

Because these ugly creatures spitting evil words in my head

Are no match for the way I feel in your arms.


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