your animalistic programmingcan get in

your animalistic programming

can get in the way

of reason and just saying

what you really meant to say

this is true for you

it is a struggle for me

we have to have the will to do 

the things we cannot just be

we are more than just a biological machine

we are love

and hate

and everything in between

we can observe the beauty in a flower or a tree

we can make a building or just let nature be

fear about ourselves

fear of other things

drives our primal side 

to hurt and do bad things

but the soul and emotions

inspire a million minds

to do the things that ancients

never even imagined in their time

the myths of gods and super people

can really all be true

it is all about perspective

and acceptance of what a scientist can do

the computer can become you

well is it worth what we might lose

if the smile of a baby

doesn't make you pause and muse




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