Young rise

Young love is the rarest kind in the room

It either dies in the storm , or grows with the bloom.

Like a kicking baby in a mothers womb,

Or the beat of a heart perfectly in tune.


Young love can be the darkest day of all,

Pushing you down , and making you fall.

Breaking your heart or causing regret

Wishing you two had never met.


But love is risky regardless what age,

Two people write a story , always turning the page.

Maybe it will last forever , maybe it will end.

Perhaps I have found a love , and a lifetime friend.


People assume , but they never know;

Who are they to say our love won't grow?

We may be young and maybe not as smart,

But it doesn't take a fool to listen to their heart.


Love does not rely on age , race , or security,

It rests simply on connection , happiness , and maturity.

Who are they to say we don't know what love is,

For one day I may be his Mrs.


None of us can predict what the future holds.

But what we can do is watch it unfold,

Watch it rise , fall , fluster and explode;

Or watch us be forever and have your mind blowed.


So on to this I say to you,

Young relationships hold a beautiful hue.

It takes power to rise above the hype;

Though young , I think I have found a partner for life.


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