Young & Homeless The Y Factor

Sat, 05/28/2016 - 09:22 -- Rellsrn

Being young and homeless having possesion
But dont own shit the folks that put
you out on the streets hide behind a good class
I can see thru a good glass what lies behind and beneth the classification of help is help
Not for self well thats the reason your supposed to service the kids thats the reason when you put your smocks on your supposed to help your patient live put on your badge for justice out this bitch aint no justice out this bitch niggas is faker then these braids in my head they want me brain dead but naw im labeled as a menace to society mind my business but motherfuckers want to mind me if it was a problem man to a fan you can find me they mistake the kind me talking past tense swine please look I dont know you i know what a stop sign means being broke is a joke got your family scared 2 talkin death threats but steady saying oh we just tryna scare you i raise to get myself together they want to bring me down like no one can here my voice I was homeless by there actions I was homeless from there choice one day lift every joice

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My community
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