You will never know

You will never know.


Luckily you will never feel that shaking terror running through your veins like ice.


You will never stare before you down the barrel of a gun

You’ll never hear them screaming at you to get down on the ground.

You’ll never put your hands up trying to stop the shaking

As you ever so slowly lower yourself to the ground

Begging them not to shoot.


You’ll never feel the tears streaming down your face 

As you pray 

Not knowing if God is listening 

But if He is 

You pray this is not the end

You pray you are not another statistic.


You will never know what is it like to look back and wonder what it is you did.

But the answer is nothing.


You will never feel the officers slam you with all of their strength

You will never feel your head hit the car door

You will never feel the exact moment you are concussed

All the while crying for someone to help you

All the while they are screaming at you

Because you

Are nothing 

You are lower than dirt

You are the trash beneath their feet



You were simply in the wrong place

At the wrong time.


You will never know.

What it’s like to live 

With a target on your back.

You will never 

Pray every time you leave the house 

That you come back to your family 


You will never cower in fear against those who are sworn to protect you.


You have the privilege of never knowing.

So please,

Check it.


This poem is about: 
Our world



If it is okay what is the name of the author of this poem?


My name is Katy 


My name is Katy 

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