You Will Glow

You were born a little later than me and the other,

Your personality truly sticks out from the rest.

Yet despite the fact you're my baby brother,

You to understand this has to be addressed.

As a child you were energetic, athletic, and loud,

Watching that fire die inside of you truly pains my heart.

Now you're so quiet I can hear a feather hit the groud,

I regret not being a better sister from the start.

We talk more, laugh more, you've learned to share your thoughts,

Even if the thought is only shared with me, I'm glad you've began to learn trust.

I understand now you're simply suffering and in distraught,

The innocent child I once knew is no longer with us - that leaves me crushed.

Little brother, I worry and I care about you so I want you to know,

I hope one day that flame will ignite in you and once again you will glow.


This poem is about: 
My family
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