You Said


Sitting here tired, and disgusted woundering why.

why you did this to me? why you wasted my time? why i loved you? why you said all those things you said? why you staied when we both knew it was best to leave?

why i let you, most of all.

You said there wouldn't be anyone else, that no one could stand between us. That we were to strong.

You said we'd be together forever. But how long was your forever?

You said not to worry, that we had it. no matter how hard it was you weren't going to give up on me just as long as i didn't give up on you.

You said you loved me. You broke down all my walls like know one else. you truely knew who I was when no one else saw passed the exterior.

You said i was your ride or die your any and everything you wanted. your dream that came true.

i trusted you.

did you mean it all? was it a joke? did i miss something along the way? why didn't you tell me it was getting to hard and you couldn't hold on anymore? why did you still say you loved me after you moved on, was it to keep me there or was it true?

why'd you leave with someone else when it got to hard if you said i was worth it all?

even if it was the right thing to do for our situation, how could you have hurt me that much?

 why couldn't you talk to me about it, instead of just walking away?

what you always said was nothing to me, but what you showed what you proved it made an impacted like no one in my life ever saw, or ever did.

how were you the only one out of everone to take hold of me?

was it all true, or was it hard for you to prove to say to be there?

why were you the one i had to have that increadible conection, that indescrible feeling, that love that everyone wishes for?

you felt the same! So why, why did you leave with her and leave me when i needed you the most?

You said you'd be my first, my middle, and my last, my everything. and you ended up being my nothing, but a memory of what never was and what could of been.

You said and showed, and i beileved. That's where i went wrong.

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