To you Jade, I owe it all

I was told a Poet is the toughest critic.
And even then I manage to find people who are very close anyway.
It seems the closer I get to reality I am left to discover this place on my own.
Discover what should stay hidden and remain lost to the possibility for me to be anything but great.
As I look around I am left to discover 3 groups of people.
People who help, harm, and people who just simply exist.
But in you, I see an individual.
Striving to be different from the average human and statistics that they may bring.
And somehow we got connected even with the idea that we should be in two different worlds.
Thoughts intertwine my mind that the god we both serve had other plans in mind.
A force greater than any magnet, storm, or dynamic duo.
"You are beautiful,
you are worth it,
you are loved."
Simple words so elegantly put together that it forms a teardrop in my eye.
Just one of the many lessons that you have and are now giving to me
And for that
To you, I owe it all.

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