As You Did Mine

A year has passed

I was always told hands for holding,

For calling,

For comforting.

But now I belong to someone else

My conscience will always point its way back to you.

Point. Reminds me how you pointed me in the wrong direction

I was a different girl, different daughter, different sister.

Priorities were put aside just to feel you close to me

To feel our hands enclosed, your thumb running across mine as it always did.

I am holding my breath, waiting for you to come back.

But not soon enough I've realized your priorities have changed also

Not for me, but for yourself.

Selfishly, you'll hold her hand the way you held mine

Push her hair out of her face as you did mine

Run your fingers down the small of her back to comfort her as you did me.

Selfishly, I've realized something that once eased me has easily become a threat.

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