You Conceived Me


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Mommy are you there? Can you hear me? ‘Cause I can hear you.
Are you waiting tables? ‘Cause I’m hungry too.
You’re throwing up again I know, soon it’ll all pass over though.
Things will turn out great just wait and see ‘cause in about 1, 2 30 more weeks you’ll get to meet me.
Mommy can you hear my giggle? I can picture you laughing with me.
Mommy did you feel my tickle? I can picture you blowing bubbles on my belly.
Mommy did you feel me wiggle? I can picture us playing on the edge of the bed
I can feel daddy’s warm hand rubbing on my head.
He’s looking for hair that has yet to grow, uh oh here come the funny faces. I love this part of the show.
And on your face is that a smile I see, like really could it be! Is this really the happiness in which you seeked?
Or is this dream putting a blind fold on me because in reality this is not the future for you and me.
I hear a phone dial and then a ring… you say abortion huh? What’s that thing?
What do you mean this was unplanned? That it was just supposed to be a one night stand because all he wanted to do was get in your pants.
Now he says I’m not his, he doesn’t want any kids because he passed you to his friends and they passed you to some other men.
Mommy you feel used and abused, thinking if you should turn your womb into a tomb.
Can’t you see I’m a blessing! Mommy it’s me! Your seed!
Can’t you see that it’s me you need!
You’re worried? Worried about what? Taking care of me?
‘Cause you’re only 17 and your mom says she won’t give you anything for free.
But if you know like I know, just sit back and let things flow. ‘Cause God will make a way for me and you to have a place to stay.
Mommy, please don’t do it! I can’t believe you’re actually gonna consider going through with this.
These people are all liars, the doctors and their smiling faces.
They’re going to tell you it’s gonna be okay, smile and open their arms with warm embraces.
Now you stand dumbfounded and confused, thinking of the night you were used and abused.
You stand horrified at the doors, I feel your tears as they begin to pour.
On the table you lay and then I hear him say
Count to 10 and everything will be okay.
1… our hearts are racing
2… is that a light I see
3… I hear a lot of sounds
4… a suction noise
5… I hear you weep
6… then the blood line beeped…..
Mommy how could you? How could you get rid of me?
Even from heaven still your face I can’t bear to see.
I’m nothing now, just a memory. ‘Cause when you got home your belly was empty.
Sent me to my grave, buried 6 feet all because my daddy said he doesn’t claim me.
When you look at yourself you should feel disgusted because you couldn’t look deep down, couldn’t find no love and now you sit and cry
Thinking how could I sit back and watch my baby die.
Mommy don’t cry, don’t look at this as defeat.
Just know that I loved you, from the day you conceived me.



I originally wrote this for a poetry slam contest but it got cancelled. I hope you all enjoy this because I am a true activist for the fight against abortion.


It was very touching and I couldn't read it without getting emotional.


This is the sweet science of poetry. Your words are riveting. Your hyperbole are undeniable. As a writer I am in awe of your creative essence.


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Thank you so much!

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