You are the Teacher

You are the teacher. You are “all knowing,”

but you don’t see that one girl is showing.

You do not see all the judgmental stares,

or extreme hatred, through terrible glares.

Her friends have ditched her. She sits all alone.

It is no better when she is at home.

But you don’t see it, you aren’t all knowing.

You do not see this poor girl that’s showing.


You are the teacher. You can “see all,”

but there’s a boy here, who was beat in the hall.

There was no reason for this brutal attack,

and since he’s so little he couldn’t fight back.

He sits in silence, with blood on his face.

All he can think of is leaving this place.

You are the teacher, but you don’t see all.

You do not see he was beat in a brawl.


You are the teacher. You “know what goes on,”

but you don’t know that one kid can’t hold on.

His mom’s a junky, and his dad is dead.

There’s times he puts a gun to his own head.

He cannot take it. His life can’t go on.

By this time tomorrow he might be gone.

But you don’t see him, or what’s going on.

You do not see that this kid can’t go on.


Yes you’re the teacher and yes you command,

but you look over the conflicts at hand.

These kids all have problems that you don’t see,

and there are more kids than just these sad three.

Please use common sense and do not ignore

these poor kids before they walk out your door.


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