People always say a picture is worth a thousand words

but what does a picture say when it’s just of you?

People always judge a book by its cover 

but what happens when you are the unopened book?


Things that go into a selfie:



            Hair done

                      Cute face

                             Good lighting 

                                         Approval from friends

                                                             Great Captions 


Things you will never see in a selfie:


     The scraped knee you got at 7 years old when you were

     learning to ride your bike. 

     The embarrassment you felt when you got period blood on 

     the back of your pants in 8th grade.

     The tears you cried when you got you heart broken for 

     the first time. 

     The love you feel for your friends and the crazy moments

     you have shared. 

     The anxiety you have when you talk in front of a full 


     The loss you feel when a relative dies. 

     The accomplishment yet nervousness you have in 

     anticipation for graduation. 

     The fear yet excitement you have for the future. 



I am made of the stars, the sun, and the moon. 

I am the combined love of my parents. 

I am made of al the colors of the rainbow. 

I am the writing on the bathroom walls that gives you hope. 

I am made of infinite possibilities. 

I am the quiet girl in the back of the classroom that finally raised her hand. 

I am made of mistakes and flaws. 

I will never be perfect. 



I am:

     The girl who gets emotional over books and music. 

     The girl who observes in the hallways and classroom.

     The girl who never really talks but enjoys listening. 

     The girl who has fallen down repeatedly but always picks herself back up. 


The picture is only half the story, 

I am more than just a pretty face.  


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