you are


you are a freak.

you are a scaredy cat

you are a loser

you are a slut

you are stupid

you are ugly

you are fat

you are too skinny

you are too pale

you are weird

you are poor

you suck at sports

now that i think about it you suck at everything you go to do 

you have so many pimples no one will every want to date you

no one will ever care about you

no one will ever want to love you

no one will ever want to be your friend

you should stop eating

you should eat more

you should hang out with this person or that person

you should wear makeup and change your hair

you should buy expensive clothes 

you should see a dermatologist

you should work out

you should go tanning

and i will keep telling you that you are worthless , that  you're not even worth my time. but secretly  im so jealous of you. that you spend your time being happy and i waste mine looking for ways to prove that there is something wrong with you. trying to make you feel like there is something wrong with the way you dress and the way you act.

and you make me angry. i want you to listen when i tell you that you are not beautiful i secretly want you to become weak and break and fall before me and make me feel strong, make me feel beautiful, make me feel worth something

and i want you to feel the way i do. i want you to know how it feels to be unbeautiful. i want you to know how it feels when no one is there and how it feels when no one cares i want you to feel the pain. the pain you feel when your pushed around

 and i swear thats the truth about how i feel about you . 

but secretly i want you to not fall i want to watch you stay strong and i want you to reach out to me and show me how to be strong too.

secretly i hope you fully learn the truth behind this bully before you start to believe my lies and believe me when i tell you i want you to die




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