You and I

Tue, 04/16/2013 - 18:45 -- Menna

You live your life day by day
and yet you continue to wither away

A shot here, a puff there
is it getting you anywhere

Who do you think you'll become
just another angry boy in the slums

You see yourself as in full bloom
but you know it affects us to

Have you even thought about how it affects us all
when your out there feeling so tall

When your getting high with your friends
and abandoning us yet again

I wish you could see
how it affects me

Have you even thought about if its worth it all
as you continue to fall

I know you'll miss out on life's real pleasures
as you obsess over your so called treasures

Your lifes turn into a real lean
It's turned into something absolutely obscene

Have you thought about the past
when all life's greatness seemed to last

I miss those days
when you and I used to play

I was so small
and i thought you were so tall

What happened to those days when I looked up to you
But your actions have proved to make me so blue

I Hate what you became
and now spending time with us has became to lame

But now its all the same
and your the only one to blame

I Wish You Would Change

But even that has become to much for you to endore
that you've proved to be so sure

I Wish You Would Stop

Maby then we could throw out all are emotions and feelings
and discover life's new meaning

We love you, we trully do
But we cannot continue to live are life this way

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