For You

Have you ever heard the saying " The first person you think about when you wake up,

And the last person you think about before you fall asleep at night,

Is either the cause of your pain or your happiness."? 

That's how you make me think  

When I wake up I think of you first

Before I go to sleep I think of you last.

These thoughts motivate me to wake up everyday 

Since you are gone now,

I awake feeling morose,

And yet I'm motivated to walk through those school gates.

Since you are gone,

That makes me want to get closer to you faster 

Each and everyday.

You make me feel an abundance of emotions throughout my days,

With you being gone

But yet, I still never want you gone forever.

You are one of my main motivations to accomplish my goals

You stopped the vicious cycle of  my self-destruction

It was always you. 

I greet the day with a smile 

Because I am the reminded that 

Each day I wake up is a day closer to graduation

Which also means,

A day closer to you. 

To see your smile

Feel your heartbeat against mine once we embrace again

You're why I wake up 

The closer I get to you 

Each day

Gives me that extra push

You are my smile.


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