Everyone says its not my faultBecause there’s nothing I could do  And yet of course, just by default I blame myself and not you  You’re like a bird with a broken wing You’re so fragile and misguided  You would always turn to me in spring But now look what you’ve decided  Everyone tells me I shouldn’t fret They say that you’re not my responsibility Still what you do just makes me so upset And now you don’t lean on me for stability  You’re just like a little child You always have to be the victim You’re so reckless and wild Yet I can’t believe what you’ve become  Everyone tells me I couldn’t prevent it I mean, it truly was inevitable, after allAnd yet still I really have to admit I could not have predicted this fall   You are just like a wildfire You let words burn in your throat  Taking everything you can acquire In spite of the words that I wrote  You are a fire You don’t think it’s true But you will burn and burn Until there’s nothing left of you  

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