You were a mystery.

You plagued the world with your sophistication,

So smart, so wise, so damn perfect.

This perfection was fool’s gold,

Impervious to the naked eye,

Her naked eye.

But I saw through the simple facade.

The world through my eyes had a different glow.

It was clear that each and every molecule we shared

Had it’s own definition.

We fit no stereotype;

We’re our own breed of messed up.

That unique bond bestowed upon me a super power.

My eyes were never naked.

they were adorned with crystals and frames

That could see past the sweet melodies and fanciful lyrics.

You, sir, are not omniscient.

You possess an aura of destruction, shame,

Secrets that only I can hear.

Words shared in times of weakness.

Yes, weakness.

Your so-called perfection pales in comparison to my crystal.

I know you.

Every inch of you is stitched into my mind

Like a memory I could never, would never


You think you rule the world

With your secret songs and bible verses

Spit out through smoke stained teeth.

You are not perfect.

You are the child,

Crawling to his mother,

Unable to fool others with your perfection.

You, dear, are no longer a mystery to me.



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