You’re Calling Me A Liar

It's crazy that I could say I saw God and told someone and they would look at me like I was crazy. Then again if a Priest said he came to him and if he told someone, they would think he was one of the holiest man ever. Who's to say I don't know God more than he does. God is supposed to love all of his children equally. So if I told someone that God said to me, that he loves gay people as much as any of his children and if I told a holy person that; they would tell me that I'm wrong. Now tell me how the hell you're gonna prove me wrong or that my conversation with God is false. Because you can't prove that there is even a God, so to tell me he is real; then why can't my accusation of a conversation with God be true. I say that all should be loved without being questioned.

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Mafi Grey

Please comment as much as you can. It motivates me to write, when i have an audience behind me. Thanks


Faith cant be described, Faith is your own personal experience. Something noone else can experience.
We are different, yet ALL equal. Most definitely. No one can tell you what you've done or haven't done, or what you've heard or haven't heard. Because they don't know. No one can know but you. Late Night Thoughts Of a Young man Looking For his Faith. Thanks.

Mafi Grey



This poem is powerful and speaks the truth don't let anyone take away what you believe like my mom always told me belief is ignorance without knowledge.

Mafi Grey



That's true in a way I feel peopole should believe in what they feel they think is true. Why should anyone  have the right to tell someone what they should believe in, I find it disrespectful and intimidating.

Mafi Grey


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