This Year

This year was like running in the country.

Running up the tallest hill

Just to trip and fall on the way down

Laying in the dirt wanting to give up

You get up anyways, walking home just to come back the next day


The sky is grey but you don't mind

The clouds help you as you make your way back

Instead of running, you walked

Thinking everything through


You almost reach the top

You're so excited, you missed a step

Stumbling a little, you catch your balance

Focusing a little more, you take a step


the other side looks the same.

Nothing is different

Yet this is the most beautifull spot you have ever walked across

You head back down after a moment or two.


Not noticing the smile on your face.

You walk a little lighter,

Your eyes a little brighter,

And you feel so much happier.

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