You act like I shouldnt worry about you

Yet I do because I love you

I hate the nights we fight

As you ignore me and forget I exist

You choose to hide away

And I am lost again

Because without you

Im nothing

I fear myself

And cant be left on my own

But you leave me to solve your own problems

Without me

But I suppose thats okay

And as I lay crying

The heartbreak is too much

All the build up


But yet I hold on

Hoping that you will stay

For im insecure too

And put too much trust in others

But you help me

You are the reason I have lived

To see another day

You are why I fight on

Why I fight the demons inside of me

And though I get frustated

I still care and love you

I could never leave you

Because I love you too much

And you have always been there for me

And so I choose to wait and stick it out

So that hopefully one day

I can get down

And propose

I want to be the man of your life

So help me change

So that I can reach that dream of mine

For I cant live without you

And thats why I worry so much

Your thought and feelings matter

Because this is a team effort

I want us to work though our problems


As a couple

And I know that may take a long time

But know Ill do my best to be patient

Even if the pain is unbearable sometimes

You mean everything to me 

And I know we need each other the most

No one else

Just us

Because I know that all we want is to be together

And Id give anything for that

Even driving far to see you just a short while

I love you


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