The World We Know Today

Mon, 07/17/2017 - 16:34 -- ASMAUX

We live in a world that's so judgemental

A world that mises kindness and being gentle

A world where boys can't do this or that

A world where girls aren't supposed to fight back


The image of love has been so awfully tarnished

Devotion and comittment are the last things promised


Violence sparks out on ever corner

Everyday we bow our heads, in mass, as mourners

Why is it the value of life, unreplaceable, is so low?

Why is it so strange to show love and support eachother while we grow?


Happiness now comes from material things

Shiny cars, expensive clothes, more money; it's greed.


Wake up and free yourself from societys' grip

Do yourself this favor, it's not a pointless tip

Everyday we get a lash from societys' whip

Everyday society laughs as it watches us slip

Deeper and deeper into the endless abyss

Of greed, unhappiness, and true loves' last kiss


We must remember, we are not immortal

Open your eyes and step through the portal

Show love, be kind, be yourself, today, and forever

Or die a product, a construct, of society to come back





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Our world
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