The World, I Must Begin to Sing!

Wind was hard and coldly bitten;

Sun fails, but still, golden, glimmers.

Water’s haughty and so frothing;

Like the rapids it goes onward.


Like the heart from dust to sails of

Ships that were so lost and cursèd.

Fish goes out, fish goes under.

Fish did not waken from his flounder.


In their souls you place enmity.

Strike the head and then the heels too.

Sink again, it’s just too easy.

Bravery, to thee, who tried too.


For we all were so damn pretty.

Now, we must away before dawn.

Tide takes all the cards of our greeds, too,

And the gold coins of our mirrors.


Sun’s again, and, golden, glimmers.

Cave’s repainted, for the sunlight

Goes to dancing on the walls there.

And the water, still, goes onward.


Time here ended all so quickly!

Now, I must write down the cycle-

Water’s haughty and so frothing.

So, a gulch goes ever on too.


And so, it only goes in poems.

The world, I must begin to sing!

The cycle O' my inky heart

Goes in the world that opens far.



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Our world
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