Words of a Man on Drugs, Told by a Woman who Loves


They say that time waits for no man. But innate yourself and hold my hand. Allow me to teach you right from wrong and catch you when you fall. No one I've encountered had such beautiful eyes and a mind full of vision I need in my life. We lost each other through chaos and fear. Hate and misfit began to live near. Your words leave a statement i love and adore. Though they may burn me through the core. Once, you were my sweetheart. Now turned to a villain and a foe. The drugs you intake has taken you away. Why must you live by the pipe and leave your dreams behind? Why must fear success and surround yourself with pure hate? You smelled of reachable dreams and pure delight, but now the smoke has burned your insides. The innocence in your voice has died, leaving a chemical burn in your words that i try to alter and change. Once a smart soul that can write his heart away, your words will forever stay engraved in my head. The sky has blackened due to your rage. But it awaits your voice  one day. Now I dream of heaven filled days where your words enter people's hearts and gives them their daily bread. Now I write in hopes of a better day. But all that awaits is a man living by the drugs and abuse. But he's a better man and once was smarter than any man I knew.

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