Words of Art

The same time,

The same day,

a yellow spiral journal.

I was in the 4th grade;

We had to write something


for a grade.

I put pencil to paper

and I wrote

and I wrote.

I wrote about

lunch lady zombies,

"The Strange World",

and a sky

changing unusual colors

and a plot twist ending.

I wrote about

my spring break

and Easter weekend.

"The Lunch Lady Zombies"

and "The Strange World"

got sequels

then part 3!

Withtin that yellow journal,

I discovered

my passion for writing.


Middle school now;

I loved to write stories

in different colored inks,

from glittery pink to neon blue,

in a green spiral notebook.

I discovered

that I could create any character

and put them in a world

of my own imagination.


I seeked out to join a club;

a club that sparked my interest.

I found

a writing club

called Badgerdog.



In Badgerdog there was

other writers

just like me.

Among the club members,

there was

a girl named Raven.

Her poems were like those of

Edgar Allen Poe;


yet beautiful.

She inspired me to try writing poetry

and to put my feelings

into the words and ink themselves.

To express my true thoughts

amongst the diction of words,

amongst the lines

and broken stanzas.

To leave the reader thinking

about the true meaning

behind my poetic tongue.


I haven't stopped since.



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