There is a girl,


And she is young pretty and bright.


But, she lived with words inside of her, like a parasite.


They could be nice, gentle and loving,


like a mother is to a child.


But also mean, loud and angry,


like a bully, fighting for power.


Both kinds of words fought inside of her,


each kind wanting to break through.


To see which one could control the girl,


and the girl is helpless, at the mercy of the words.


Just a host body to their fighting, their constant pulling and prodding,


unable to to anything to become the one in control.


Every time it began she feared the outcome,


For if the mean words win, she would get hurt.


They would tear up her insides and make her cry.


But if the good words win, which is not very often,


She smile and cheer and is happy, but only for a while.


Until the battle begins again


But then one cloudy, dreary day,


A kind and wise teacher saw her struggles,


having known them herself.


The teacher comforted the girl, and handed her a pen.


Telling her to write, and giving her a knowing grin.


And so, the girl wrote the first word, scribbling it onto the page.


And something inside of her went along with it.


Feeling that relief, the weight now gone,


the girl wrote and wrote, filling every page,


until, stroke by stroke


the words left her.


No longer was she at the mercy of her words


But free to enjoy life, all on her terms.

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