Searching for a single grain of sand along beaches of shattered glass,

My tongue trips over bright blue marbles, trying desperately to play jacks.

A rabbit hole of turns of phrase, I stumble and stutter across the minefield

Between my brain and mouth, scouring for a representative,

A diplomat to travel beyond my tongue. That one day you might construct

An Embassy for my soul, peacefully coexisting in your own mind.


But it slipped away, an eel brushing across my teeth, worming free to

Turn a peaceful interaction into disharmony with one flat note.

I’m so sorry for the discord in our song; I had forgotten that

Every word, be it in sharp or soft tone, is a choking hazard.

Yet we haphazardly sling slews of slurrish darts, that perhaps one

Will land on the target. But it is our own eyes that are red

From crying. Crying tears that turn to pitiful syrupy sludge,

Coating our cheeks in candy until the sweet sorrow suffocates us.

Desperate, I tear apart my dresser, scattering clothes across the floor

In search of the forgotten ratty tshirt that once brought me comfort,

But its color has long since faded with the memory.


With this dried out pen, I can only draw a blank.

My face stands still.

And there were no words.


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