The Word on His Hat

Sat, 01/18/2014 - 17:06 -- savvyb3


I walk in and sit down.

You don't look at me, but I see you. 

Alone, emotionless, no one around.


The waitress comes, acting unmindful.

My friends slide in, laughter surrounding,

But not I, the pain is so blinding.


Heartache hits, tears appear,

There you are alone

I move over and begin to peer


I see darkness in your past

I see light within your heart

A man once brutally harassed.


Can’t anyone else see it?

The word across your hat?

The title seems so fit.


Your old hands shake,

I catch your eye.

A move I then make.


I wander over, yet not clear

Your answer to my question

‘Mind if I sit here?’


The stares coming from the others

Burn holes into my back

Fear I don’t, it’s not their druthers.


I stare into those mystical eyes

What he saw, I now too

This man deserves the biggest prize


I love him now for the word I see

Written on his hat

A veteran was he.



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