Winter Wisdom














Winter wisdom, liar logic

Tell me I’m the only cosmic

Causeway sleeper, thoughts run deeper

And then the water becomes the reaper

Light is down and up is dark

Float in ocean, consumed by shark

Here it is plain and stark

I am dreaming hard a wild dream, with all the trappings

While endless faces forever seem to beg for slappings

Mirrored in our lost reflection

Reasoned far beyond exception

Download, Upload, Implode, Expose

Forgiveness is found in the next prose

Or maybe not, just left to rot

Pushing forward for tomorrow

An endless end to endless sorrow

Here it comes just one more time

One more line to end the rhyme

Borrow the truth and buy the lie

For reasons un-foretold to I

When I’m dead I’ll die and scar the sky

To burn the earth for all it’s worth,

to spread the hurt ashes to dirt.


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