Winter Heart

Dear December 2014 Me,

You’re in your first semester of high school and finals are going well

But suddenly you feel as if you’re falling apart

For the first time, you’ve felt betrayal

And it’s worse than anything you know

You will learn that people aren’t always who they seem.

Dear May 2015 Me,

You’re at the end of freshman year

But suddenly your ambition strikes you full force

For the first time, you’ve known rejection

And it’s winter in your heart

You will learn that the world is harsh.

Dear January 2016 Me,

You’re on the last day of winter break

But suddenly everything comes crashing down

For the first time, you feel targeted

And it’s not your fault

You will learn that not everyone is kind.

Dear May 2016 Me,

You’re at the drama banquet again

But suddenly things are looking up

For the first time, you feel proud

And the sun is shining

You will learn that life gets better.

Dear December 2016 Me,

You’re nearing the midway point of junior year

But suddenly life grinds to a halt

For the first time, your dad gives you that expression

And you feel your heart sink

You will learn that you’re moving to Virginia.

Dear January 2017 Me,

You’re flying on a plane again

But suddenly the sky doesn’t feel so free

For the first time, you’re not sure you want to leave Nebraska

And you think of all the assignments you’re missing

You will learn that maybe it’s for the best.

Dear April 2017 Me,

You’re dancing and having the time of your life

But suddenly you remember the inevitable

For the first time, you’ve had fun at a dance

And it’s the best night of your life

You will learn that you will never be able to replace your friends.

Dear May 2017 Me,

You’re at the annual drama banquet once again

But suddenly your director is handing you flowers

For the first time, you feel the weight of what’s happening

And you try not to cry as it crushes you

You will learn that your achievements do not go unnoticed.

Dear June 2017 Me,

You’re standing in your driveway at dawn

But suddenly your best friend is hugging you

For the first time, you see her cry

And you feel your heart shatter

You learn that all good things come to an end.

Dear July 2017 Me,

You’re spending most of your nights in tears

But suddenly you feel emotions unknown

For the first time, you feel love

And you reach out for the stars

You will learn that fortune favors the bold.

Dear September 2017 Me,

You’re at your new school now

But suddenly academics aren’t important anymore

For the first time, you feel true depression

And you lock yourself in the bathroom to let it out

You will learn that life is unforgiving.

Dear December 2017 Me,

You’re visiting home on the last night of the year

But suddenly your friends are all having fun

For the first time, you sit alone in the high school parking lot

And the clock strikes twelve as the tears roll down

You will learn that the only person you can rely on is yourself.




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