With winter almost here

it's time to layer on thick

its days are drawing near

so I'll make this real quick.


After the last leaves fell

it was time for a new season

as the wind grew colder, it rang a bell

just as every rhyme has its reason.


Winter fun, winter fanfare

it's all around

winter's joy, winter's wonder

it's easily found.


Frost spread's speedily, like winter's wildfire

people bundled up & burning up, so warm they perspire.


Red faces, red noses, red cheeks, red ears

temperatures so low, it'll bring you to tears.


Winter's dew is especially bright

the sun dancing on it, shines beautiful light

the only kind filled with hope

if you feel down, it'll help you to cope.


With winter closing in, I leave you this note

before you go out, remember a coat

if you start to feel down

forget that frown.


Winter's not vile

put on a smile.



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