Will You Be My Critic?


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There I was
Here I am
Now I’m there
Now I’m gone
How can I tell who I am?
Each day a new me is born.

So sorry,
There is no answer to who I really am
Just one to who I’m not

See I’m not plastic, nor static
I can’t be molded into one defined shape
I can’t be filled with artificial flavors;
I can’t be prettied up and readymade for consumers to buy.

I’m forever changing.
I’m not a finished product,
I’m not a final copy,
I’m not ready to be handed in.

There’s no picture that can show you who I am.
The closest you can get is going to see my movie,
Seventeen years in the making and still going strong

It’s directed by me
Written by me
Starring me
It’s my masterpiece

If you want to know who I am
Then watch my film.
But you would have to have some time on your hands
Because there’s no commercials;
No pressing pause
No fast forwarding and DEFIANTLY no rewinding.
Be ready to pay attention to every detail,
Every look
Every action
Every word
Every tear
Every smile
Every success
And every failure
Every good night
And every sleepless one
Every goal reached
And every lost dream

Be an interactive viewer,
Get really into it.
Turn into a critic, dissect my work of art.
Cry when I am injured or hurt
And clap when you see me winning
When you see the young me scared, be scared with me
When you see a sudden show of courage,
Hope that I get rewarded for my actions the same I had hoped it.
Laugh at the dumb mistakes of my past the same way I have to.
Curse the writer’s name when he gets your hopes up
Only to have them fall again,
Sending your emotions on the best roller coaster ride of their life.
Don’t worry, I already rode that I ride and can say
You’ll live through it, just be patient.

Can you learn what makes me happy?
Can you learn what brings me to my knees?
Can you learn what keeps me going in those hard times?
Are you willing to learn every single last detail of my life?
If you are I can guarantee this is one movie that will not disappoint.
Then you can get the behind the scenes tour
Get the sneak peek into the writer’s mind.

That’s the only way you can have your answer.
Then you won’t have to ask anymore,
You would already know who I am.

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