Will I Find Love?

I ask about love,

And if I can ever find it.

But how can I expect someone to love me,

When I don't love myself?

How can I expect respect,

When I tear myself down?

How can I expect anyone to trust me,

If I will lie to myself?

How can I expect anyone to listen,

If I refuse to talk?

How can I love others,

When I hate myself?

Will someone be capable of holding me,

As I cry and babble of my hate?

Will someone be willing to tell me that I am beautiful,

Knowing that I may never believe them?

Will anyone be capable of handling my problems?

Will anyone handle my fear?

Will anybody hold me when I am afraid to move forward?

Will anybody attempt to save me from myself?

Will you love me when I'm at my worst?

If you can't, you so not deserve my best.

So will I ever find love?

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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