Wild Life

I roam through the most chaotic plains of the savanna I call high school

But these Pridelands are nothing like the one we all grew up on

For there is nothing cute or cuddly about this Circle of Life


Arrogant monkeys swing from vines up above like they’re God’s gift to earth

Lazy hippos plop themselves down on the nearest couch to vegetate

Brute elephants stick their horns into everyone’s business

And the eager hornbills are quick to squawk about all the gossip they hear


We are taught to keep the grass cut

In order to have a clear view of the slithering snakes

Yet no one is warned of the king of the jungle

Who wears his crown 24/7


Amidst this fierce food chain, I am a giraffe

I stand tall and rise above all the drama of these four years in such an intricate labyrinth

Once this is over, we must enter the real world where it is survival of the fittest

And only the wildest of animals make it out alive

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My community
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