Why you?


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It won’t kill you.
No, what you’re afraid of won’t hurt.
But you can.
The fear can drive you. 
Drive you off course.
Drive you into a rail.
But who’s holding the steering wheel?
You can kill you.
Not the fear, no.
Why you?
Why you when you don’t want to but need to?
Why you when you don’t need to but want to?
Why you?
It’s the faces that belong to those who don’t understand you.
They don’t get the pain.
They see nothing. Know nothing.
Those looks that you feel and see
But aren’t really there.
Make you want to vanish. Disappear.
Better without.
Deep down, you know nothing will harm,
But you won’t stop.
Go away! 
Don’t touch it! Don’t touch me!
They can’t help, they don’t know!
Push them away!
How will they understand if you refuse?
Will they ever even if you give way?
Your mind aches,
It can’t deal.
You could end it all.
Get help above or under.
What will you do?
Why you?
Because you are strong.
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