Why us?


Too many distances between us

And I'm not sure what you mean when you say 

'We need to take a break'

When what you really mean is 'I can't be seen with you anymore.

It ruins my image-You don't deserve me'

How can someone so strong-willed and Intelligent

Break down as soon as the opportunity for "better" arises?

'We can still be friends' won't cover or kiss the

Bruises left on your face when your father came home

Drunk and Baked.

It won't cover for the cloak of make-up and attitude that has become your


It can't turn a blind eye to the

Rejection after

Rejection after

Rejection you've received from both unfair sexes.

I used to find it funny when you said you like your depression


You broke me

You broke me when asking for a break

and when you went more overboard with those who cared for you less

you ended up being the only one falling off of the ship.

I wish I could tell you what took me so long to 

Work up the courage

(Or Balls, as you'd have put it) to say 


I too, have shrouded myself, giving very little breathing room for my emotions as I

Strangled them from existence.

I used to look upon you and be awestruck at what you

Eventually became.

But the past is the past


And I seem to like it here.

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