Why I write



You ask me why I write Well Let me tell you why I write  I  write because I'm angry I write because I can't yell out loud I write because I know I can't question GOD out loud I don't write because I'm bored But I write because I can't slap my family across their faces I write because I am disappointed in everything and everyone I write because my mother and I does not have that mother and daughter bond She doesn't give hugs and I don't tell her everything I write because I am tired of smiling all the freaking time as if I am a plastic Barbie I write because something in me is yelling and it needs to be heard I don't write to entertain I write because I'm poor All I have is a paper and pen I write because I don't have all the money in the world to be sky diving right now I write because I cannot forget the past I cannot forget all the times  My minds been raped and beaten I cannot forget about his voice And the fairy tail movies that I stayed up all night watching I'm angry And I write because it's the only way I can escape The only way that I am not judged by how I look Or the hard face I put on I write because I can take of my mask  I can be the broken little girl I am I can break down and cry With no worries of judgement  


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