why I fell Inlove with L.O.V.E

Love can be cruel, love can be patient , love watches you sleep after your favourite show has ended. love offered the world to you on a silver plater with its heart after you wanted to run from it like a child running scared from a clown,love wanted to feel your soul and nurture it with tranquility when hate wanted to destroy it.love was the mother that ended all wars and told us to care for one another, love brought music and dance.                                                 Most of all love brought you.     Love brought you into a world and made you fall in L.O.V.E.        L was loneliness but love changed it into closeness with your other soul that's was unbelievably infatuated with the idea wanderlust.          O was ok you were ok with the effects of love , ok that when you fell Inlove that there would be a possibility it wouldn't catch you.        V was for the velvety touch of its affection, skin against skin and entangled hearts with distorted minds that made sense to the most challenged beings of its kind.          And E was a letter short , e was he and .....he was you.                                        Love knew you before you knew yourself, love hid in the deepest darkest corners to see if you would try and find it or choose the easy option which was hate.          Love didn't give up and neither should you.     Love doesn't care about your stretch marks or your thigh gap 'in progress' , love sees past that because when love finds you it doesn't look for your exterior that you build around yourself, it looks for the micro flaws around you and inside you and patches them up with affection , trust and loyalty ...that is why I fell Inlove with L.O.V.E
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You're an amazing writer!


thankyou! that means alot!

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