No need to bring it up it’s easier to forget. 

Maybe it was all a twisted dream that’s what I keep telling myself 

If I accept it then everything has changed 

I was lost for a while and angry at the fact that everyone loved you

Did they not know who you really were? 

The danger that you held?

And I fucking hate it how you messed with my mind 

All those years finally realizing what had happened but I didn’t know any better

Is it too late to speak up now?

These thoughts in my head driving me insane 

I just don’t know what to do anymore,

 Life is funny don’t you think? 

All this pain that is demanding to be felt

The feeling of despair and worthlessness 

Oh how common it is now 

One just wants to feel happiness, but where is your happiness now? 

What does it mean to be proud of yourself? 

All those years left alone and afraid 

Demanding to be loved, but it’s not the same 

And now your trying to fix something that was never there 

Trying to tell yourself that it was my fault

All your shitty excuses I don’t want them 

Take them to the basement where you kept my hopes

You don’t get, I don’t expect you too 

Just respect my wishes and get out of my face 

When I left that house I was leaving you too 

Was the message not clear enough? 

You brought so much pain in my life 

Nights where I was left crying, but that didn’t matter to you

Stop acting like you care that charade was up a long time ago

I’m finally healing myself, stop trying to intervene 

I just want to feel happiness is that too much for you?


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