Who's loss is it really?

Thu, 10/15/2015 - 11:15 -- BriNims

One cut

That's all it takes.

For the addiction to start. 

Five years have passed.

The collection of scars has grown.

It's only gotten worse.

Nobody sees it.

Nobody helps. 

You are left alone.

Dragging your feet down the halls,

Looking for your next chance to cut.

Triggers come in many forms, 

Suddenly, all you can see is ways to end it all.


It seems like the only answer. 

Why not?

Nobody cares.

Nobody would stop me.

Nobody would notice. 

What about those who might?

The girl in the back of class,

With long sleeves 

Covering her own cuts.

Suddenly thinking just maybe,

She should end her life too.

Your sister,

Who isn't old enough to understand,

You aren't coming back.

She sees your parents and friends,

All crying for you.

You may not see it,

But they care more than you will know

If you choose to take your life.



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My community
Our world
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